Business cases

Case study: Fast company growth brings financing challenges

To exploit a business opportunity one needs to react fast. Therefore, it is very important to have a good relationship with creditors, especially if your industry is net working capital intensive. With the help of the consultant often the funding is agreed faster and the costs of financing decrease.

Case study: Leverage buyout (LBO) rethought

Highly leveraged financing structures are very risky. They can be a generator of a economic value one side, but a true night mare on the other side – if the risks are not well though through. Read about the key areas we considered on the case of a leverage buyout (LBO).

Case study: Your company worth is more than you may think

It is required from the valuation practitioners to truly understand the business, critically judge current performance and eventual future developments as well as the potential. The valuation process, the assumptions used and value generation truly need to be well thought through when valuing a company.