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Financing structure
Importance of optimal capital structure

Read the article for better understanding of financing structure – what should be the proper mix of account payables, financial obligations and equity funding, what are the related challenges, how financing structure impacts the value maximization, etc.

CRM tools & philosophy

Read about the role of Customer relationship management as philosophy of focusing on clients & relationship and important benefits that introduction of right CRM tools bring – simplicity, transparency, speed and flexibility.

Takeover defenses
Takeover defenses

Takeover defenses consider activities and measures with one common goal – preventing a hostile takeover. They are classified into groups according to the impact on the transaction: delay, voting, protection, other defenses, state law.

EBITDA and EBITDA margin

The EBITDA is a well-known financial metric. It is considered as the best approximation of operating cash flows and thus consequently a crucial indicator for managers, bankers, appraisers, analysts and other industry practitioners. Read about the meaning and use of the EBITDA.

Company value
Business valuation booster – tips & tricks that work!

Tips & tricks how to build-up your business valuation without knowing anything about complex business valuation methods. Maximizing the business valuation through improvement of cash-flows, optimization of net working capital & net investments, enhancement of growth potential and minimization of risks involved.

pre-money and post-money valuations
Pre-money & Post-money valuation

The article is explaining the difference between pre-money valuation and post-money valuation, which in fact refer to the valuation of a company prior to and post to equity financing.