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Why you should have it?

Net wealth estimation

Business sale / purchase

Employee incentivization

Financing & capital structure

Shareholder agreements / disputes

Tax purposes

Value based management

Financial reporting

Marital dissolutions

Business scenario evaluations

Business litigations

Insolvency proceedings

Is there really a need to engage others?

Do it yourself. Exploit the power of technology and get results in 5-10 min!*
* Average time that users spend on their value estimate with our app. 

Core features


The business valuation calculator presents the findings of each method used and final value estimate conclusion just after the inputs are entered in. You no longer need to wait weeks for the results to come!


The business valuation calculator generates user pathways based on already entered inputs. In this way you are only asked to provide inputs that are relevant. You also save time and overall complexity decreases.


Correct understanding of terms is critically important for the reliable business value estimate. For that reason, the app will provide you pop-up explanation of terms, which are less known to the users.

Business valuation calculator app

Reliable business value estimate requires correct inputs. On input field mouse hover, the pop-up with hints on inputs appear. In this way you can read more about which inputs are requested, how and where to get them etc.


Mistakes happen. It is part of what makes us human. The app recognizes, if selected fields are missed or if the inputs entered likely have no sense based on the previously entered inputs.


Business valuation calculator can be used on various devices – PC, smartphone and/or tablet. It only requires internet access and browser to work smoothly.

Co-create and save lots of $$$!

FYI: Traditional valuation services may cost you 5.000 – 20.000 USD.

Why us?


5-10 MIN

COSTS 50-200x LESS






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Non-practitioners friendly
Business valuation calculator (S)
Simplified input system (S)
Smart app features (S)
DCF method (+NAV method check)
One & two-stage projections
Support material & service

Up to 4x valuation reports
FREE 1 year 24/7 access
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Per Year
Non-practitioners friendly+
Business valuation calculator (M)
Extended simplified input system (M)
Smart app features (M)
DCF method (+NAV method check)
One & two-stage projections
Support material & service

Up to 4x valuation reports
FREE 1 year 24/7 access
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Per Year
Practitioners friendly
Business valuation calculator (XL)
Extended input system (XL)
Smart app features (XL)
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One & two-stage projections
Support material & service

Up to 10x valuation reports
FREE 1 year 24/7 access
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Brian A.

As an investor, I wanted to better address deals that get stuck early on, due to the misperception of value and unrealistic sell-side expectations. I have integrated the tool in my deal development process and since then, my success drastically improved. What I appreciate most is objectivity and independence that I gained with it. And of course, super fast results.

Anna S.

I guess it is typical for venture capital backed businesses to be continuously in talks with investors. As a founder of such business, I am not an exception. Before, I was using valuation services, but I just wasn’t responsive enough and there was just to much work with data preparation. This is why I decided to rather go for a reliable digital solution that I can use myself. I found what I was looking for in B-APPraiser business value calculator. It’s just great!

Emma F.

I was searching for a way how to incentivize employees efficiently for a very long time. Firstly we wanted to rely on traditional valuation services, but they were simply too expensive. B-APPraiser business valuation calculator really stood out from what we found on the market by simplicity, efficiency and reliability. For us its a platform to continuously & systematically come up with market value estimates ourselves. It fits our needs and budget just perfectly.

Noah B.

Having an optimal capital structure in place is one of the key priorities of CFOs in leading companies worldwide. We use business valuation calculator to update our value estimate on quarter basis and adjust our target indebtedness accordingly. Now, that we are more systematically approaching this topic, I am starting to notice that its actually a “must” for dealing with banks and private lenders.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

The app was designed and developed by experienced valuation practitioners at Consilue, the leading financial and business consulting network. The app incorporates lots of in-depth valuation know-how and experiences, which makes it unique and unarguably the leading value-for-money solution on the market. You can read more about Consilue at www.consilue.com.

Paddle is the official reseller for this solution and carries out worldwide sales activities. The company also provides all customer service inquiries and handles returns.

Business valuation calculator is primarily designed for SMEs with Next Twelve Months (NTM) Annual Recurring Revenues (ARR) 1 M – 80 M USD / EUR / GBP / AUD / CAD / CHF / SGD / NZD, no matter the lifecycle phase they are in (start-up, launch, growth, stable, mature).

Reliability of your value estimate primarily depends on how well you are able to get the inputs right. For that purpose, business valuation calculator includes guidelines and recommendations, hints, explanations and even smart warnings, if the APP recognizes probably of inaccurate input as high. In order to prevent errors, the fill-in system with simplified numbers and visual input fields is used.

Business value estimate is based on the findings of discounted cash flow method (reflects going concern assumption) and net asset value method (reflects theoretical liquidation of a business). This is most often the preferred way to value SMEs.

The app is made for everyone. We believe that everyone with the basic knowledge of business and finance has the potential to get the inputs right. Of course, with the support of guidelines and recommendations, explanations and even smart warnings.

Key inputs required by the business valuation calculator are: company name, ownership share, financials such as revenue, EBITDA/EBIT margins, effective tax rate, DSOs/DIOs/DPOs estimates, financial debt, cash, book value of equity, discount rate estimation based on guideline range and eventual adjustments (if applicable).

The answer is “IT DEPENDS”. If for the parties involved the fact that the business value is estimated in such way is acceptable and if there are no regulatory requirements, then the digitalized valuation service can indeed replace the traditional one.

The business valuation calculator is today most often used in the context of investor preliminary talks and decision making of management.

Value is simply one of those numbers, one should know to make sound business decisions. Digitalization enabled that valuation services are nowadays becoming more accessible and more frequently used.

Yes, we do! You can find the direct checkout link in the pricing table above directly below the “Buy now!” button. 

Feel free to cancel the subscription anytime via virtual assistant of our authorized reseller HERE. However, Please note though that when you cancel the subscription you loose access to the tool.

The use of a business valuation calculator is limited:

1) Subscription plan limitations:

  • ACTIVITY LIMITATION: Users are given 4 valuation report credit. Unused credits cannot get paid-out, but get transferred into the new period. Valuation report credits cannot be paid out to the user. Users that ran out of credits, are able to buy additional ones in line with the subscription plan pricing policy.
  • TIME LIMITATION: A subscription period is 1 year and extends automatically, as long as the payment gets processed smoothly at the end of the subscription year.

2) One-time-purchase single-use plan

  • ACTIVITY LIMITATION: Users are given 1 valuation report credit.
  • TIME LIMITATION: Access to the business valuation tool is attributed for the time required to execute a valuation or maximum 1 year from the date of purchase.

Note that there are no limitations on subject of valuation, meaning that different businesses can be valued.

The product is considered consumed as soon as you gain access to the application, therefore we offer no refund. Nevertheless, feel free to send us an e-mail to info@consilue.com and we can discuss your request. Please note that there is no right of withdrawal for digital goods.

Payment options are various. Generally speaking they cover more popular and widely used ones, such as wide list of credit cards, PayPal, ApplePay and others. You can find the complete list of payment options HERE.

All payments go through a globally-recognized and trusted partner specialized in reselling and payment processing. Every year millions of transactions get safely processed through Paddle.

Products are sold in 150+ countries worldwide. You can find the list of sanctioned and restricted countries HERE.

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