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Mergers and acquisitions M&A deal
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Consilue is a member of the international network of M&A consultants iTRAN, which enables us high level of professionalism and efficiency.

In the process of M&A consulting, we are actively working also on the identification of the value maximization opportunities. In this way the identified value increases and the probability of the M&A deal and its success.

Besides the M&A transaction advisory, we offer clients also services such as corporate valuation, due diligence, support with financing, SPA preparation etc.

Specialized M&A consultants rely on the leading M&A financial tools i.e. Capital IQ, MergerMarket, PitchBook etc. Contacts are very personal and discreet.

We make sure to undertaken the best approach for your M&A deal. That taxes paid are optimal. That the M&A transaction is smooth and post-merger integration successful.

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Choose the right consultant for your business. Your M&A deal deserves a success.

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