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Independent Business Review (IBR) is a consulting service that provides stakeholders with sufficient information about the company, its operations and related risks. Most often it is requested by banks and other lenders, sometimes also by owners and other stakeholders.

Independent Business Review (IBR) offers a base for all parties involved to agree effectively and successfully. Speaking with other words, introducing an independent expert means investing in process dynamics and the quality of deal-making. From Consilue you can also expect a 100% personalized approach, as we aim to create the greatest benefit for the client.

Agreements between stakeholders, as a reflection of complexity, often require in-depth views. In order for the stakeholders to be convinced, that working with the counterparty is beneficial enough for them, independent financial and business adviser is introduced. Independent third party expert acts as a trust-worthy partner, who reviews the operations of the subject business, critically evaluates it and highlights how the two parties could align their interests.

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Independent business review - ibr

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    A successful approach to conducting an Independent Business Review (IBR) requires comprehensive view of the matter; understnading interests and expectations of stakeholders; adequate industry knowledge, etc. The service addresses past, current and future operations of the subject company.

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