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CRM tools & philosophy

Are you interested in increasing number of clients, reaching high level of repurchases, optimizing the deal flow process, keeping the most profitable clients and increasing the value of their purchases? The answer lies in marketing and sales excellence … and part of it relates also to the implementation and use of appropriate CRM system.

What is CRM?

CRM is an abbreviation for “Customer relationship management”. The term relates to the philosophy, set of beliefs, tools and relationships with clients.

Traditionally, companies focused on products and services being offered. However, trends turned upside down … so that modern organizations focus on clients and relationships. CRM is about being flexible and master addressing clients’ needs.

A proper CRM system is a must for marketing and sales excellence. It enables the company to keep the existing clients and increase the profitability of doing business with them.

CRM tool and the advantages of its use

A term CRM is often used also as a synonym for tools and accessories that make relationship management easier and faster. Key activities to which they relate are as follows:

  • determining strategic business opportunities
  • data management
  • monitoring behavior, client satisfaction and profitability by clients
  • comprehensive control over the relationships

CRM tool offers a systematic centralization of client information, giving sales representatives the possibility of deeper insights into client’ behavior and characteristics and thus increasing the sales efficiency.

Leading CRM systems

Businesses increasingly appreciate CRM system’s simplicity, transparency, speed and flexibility.

Essential parts of CRM systems are:

  • leads and contacts data management
  • database of information affecting buying decision for leads and contacts
  • calendar (appointments, tasks, reminders, key milestones, etc.).
  • user account management
  • supervision, goal setting and performance monitoring
  • performance analysis and sales forecasting

In order to address the dynamics of the modern business environment, most of the CRM systems are available as SaaS solutions as well as mobile apps.

Better CRM systems additionally offer integration with applications such as  Gmail / Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar / Outlook calendar / Mobile phone calendar (iCal), Google Drive / Dropbox, MailChimp / MailPoet; SAP / Microsoft Dynamics; IP telecommunications etc.

It is very important that the CRM tool provides limited access, as it can otherwise lead to unwanted misuse of information …

How big investment in CRM tool is reasonable?

Every company requires a CRM system – in the form of a paper block, Excel document or top-notch application. The level of investment in the CRM system depends on the added value a CRM system may contribute to a company …

Several applications are already available at reasonable prices. Prices for a one-user license normally vary in the range from 15 € / month up to 250 € / month.

Note! CRM as such is a philosophy. The program itself is not a solution for improving excellence in marketing and sales. The real potential is achieved only when marketing and sales network covers all operations.

Contact us and we’ll guide you towards marketing and sales excellence!

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