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Case study: Acquisition of client database

Client’s pain:

The client is a small company, operating in the plastic industry, specializing in the next generation packaging solutions. The company works for prominent clients from cosmetic, chemical, food & beverage, pharma and medical industry worldwide. The company is about to expand its presence in the Latin America. As planned, strengthening the presence in the emerging markets would most likely result in the projected two digit growth rates and EBITDA margins.

The client has developed strategic partnership relationship with its indirect competition all over the globe. Intense cooperation resulted in cost synergies and sharing of a supplier-side know-how. The indirect competitor’s owner has experienced a serious financial problems and thus a decision to divest the business has been accepted.

Addressing the pain:

Firstly, the client has decided for a general overview of the indirect competitor’s past operations. Based on the preliminary findings, the client has decided to continue only with the acquisition process of the most valuable asset – the existing customer database.

Later on the advisor has prepared the client a revision of the competitor’s past projects and their profitability analysis. The findings served as a base for the determination of key variables and preparation of the financial projections, calculation of synergies and customer database valuation.

In order to be able to achieve the full potential as planned in the financial projections, the client has been advised to employ competitor’s key sales personnel.


The acquisition of the customer database and complementary activities are expected to result in significant revenue and cost synergies and geographic risk dispersion.

Client’s testimonial:

It is very important to be aware of the fact that valuing the customer database from the perspective of “as is” projections and from the perspective of our business (reflecting our business model) varies. It messages significant synergies. Furthermore, taking over customer database with key employees is “a must” – it is a good oportunity to gain new capabilities.

Advisor’s thought:

The client is about to gain short term and long term boost in its operations through new emerging market penetrations and risk diversification. Last but not least, fulfilling the sales capabilities gap will enhance the company’s position and its ability to compete with significantly larger global players.

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