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Company value
Vrednotenje podjetja in kako do višje vrednosti

Izboljšajte vrednotenje podjetja – priporočila glede denarnih tokov iz poslovanja, neto obratnega kapitala, neto investicij, potenciala rasti in minimizacije povezanih tveganj. Odslej brez poglobljenega poznavanja kompleksnih metod vrednotenja podjetij!

Financing structure
Importance of optimal financing structure

Read the article for better understand of financing structure – what should be the proper mix of account payables, financial obligations and equity funding, what are the related challenges, how financing structure impacts the value maximization, etc.

EBITDA and EBITDA margin

The EBITDA is a well-known financial metric. It is considered as the best approximation of operating cash flows and thus consequently a crucial indicator for managers, bankers, appraisers, analysts and other industry practitioners. Read about the meaning and use of the EBITDA.

Takeover defenses
Takeover defenses

Takeover defenses consider activities and measures with one common goal – preventing a hostile takeover. They are classified into groups according to the impact on the transaction: delay, voting, protection, other defenses, state law.

CRM tools & philosophy

Read about the role of Customer relationship management as philosophy of focusing on clients & relationship and important benefits that introduction of right CRM tools bring – simplicity, transparency, speed and flexibility.